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Welcome to the 2018 International Border Stars Tournament

Rules for the 2018 International Border Stars Tournament

Rules for the 2017 International Border Stars Tournament

Rules for the 2017 International Border Stars Tournament 

2017 Border Stars International Youth Soccer Tournament Rules of Play 

• All Players and Teams must be registered currently with their respective governing body; 
• All out-of-state Players & Teams must have Permission to Travel from their respective governing body. 

2. RULES: FIFA LAWS OF THE GAME will apply to all matches.

3. SCHEDULE: Friday April 7th, Saturday April 8th, Sunday April 9th, 2017 
• 7v7 matches will play with two 25 minute halves 
• 9v9 matches will play for two 30 minute halves 
• 11v11 matches will play with two 35 minute halves. 
All times include semi-finals and championship games. 

The Border Stars Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter length of games as needed. In the event of severe weather, the Tournament Committee has the right to adjust the length and/or number of games including cancellation of games and/or tournament with no refund. 

4. UNIFORMS: The first team listed in the schedule is the home team. The home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change if in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. 

5. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions may be made with referee’s approval only. Substitution requests may be given at these times: 
A. Before a goal kick 
B. Before a throw-in for your team 
C. After a goal 
D. At halftime 
E. After an injury (one for one) 
F. After a yellow card has been issued (one for one) 
A player may be substituted on a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee (NOTE: Tournament regulations may limit when substitutions may be made by specifying specific stoppages in play when substitutions can be made (ex: at goal kicks and corner kicks, on your team’s throw-ins, when a player is cautioned); otherwise substitutions may be made at any stoppage only with the permission of the referee And if the age group is 15 & under, free substitution is allowed. For age groups 16 years, free substitution is allowed providing the tournament is not an official competition (but a friendly club tournament) and the age category does not include matches between national teams of CONCACAF member countries 

6. EJECTIONS: Any player, coach, team official who is ejected from a tournament game (1 red card) is suspended from the next tournament game and/or more games subject to the tournament committee decision. A player receiving a second red card is suspended for all remaining tournament games. If the player, coach, or team official receiving a red card did not sit out the related number of games during the tournament, he or she must sit out the required number of games starting with his/her next league game. 

7. TIME ALLOWANCE: It is essential that games begin on time. Have your team warm up in the designated areas. The tournament reserves the right to begin games immediately after the completion of the previous game if necessary to remain on schedule. All teams must report to the field 30 prior to their scheduled game. A team shall be allowed a 5 minute grace period after the scheduled kick-off in preliminary games before the game is awarded to their opponent. A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team and if 7 players are present, the game may not be delayed. In no case shall a team that has forfeited a game be declared a flight winner or wild card team. 


DIVISION STANDINGS: Win = 3 pts. Tie = 1 pt. Loss = 0 pt. 


1. Head to Head (skip if more than two teams are tied) 

2. Net score- Goals scored less goals allowed (max. 4 per game) 

3. Least goals against 

4. Most goals scored (max. 4 per game) 

5. Penalty kicks. 5 per team, alternating. If tied after 5 each, 1 per team will be selected until the tie is broken. (The penalty shooters can be anyone who is dressed to play and rostered). 

6. All Division winners are set, and then the wildcard process takes place. 

The Selection of a Wild Card Team, if required, shall be determined by: 

1. Non-group winner with the most total points. 

2. Non group winner with the most wins. 

3. Winner of the game, if applicable, played between the tied teams. 

4. Net score- Goals scored less goals allowed (max. 4 per game) 

5. Least goals against. 

6. Penalty kicks. If both teams advance, the tournament committee will decide the opponents at the next level of play. (PLACEMENT OF THE WILD CARD TEAMS IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE) 

Penalty kick elimination: When semi-final and final matches are still tied after overtime the FIFA laws of the game for Penalty Kicks apply. Only players on the field at the end of the second overtime period are eligible for penalty kicks. Coin flip will determine who will go first (visiting team calls). Five penalty kickers per team. The most goals scored after five kicks for each team wins the game. If the score remains tied, teams will alternate shooters until there is an unmatched goal between the teams. After all eligible players on the field of play have taken kicks; teams will start with their first kickers again and in the same order. 

9. TIES DURING CHAMPIONSHIP OR PLAYOFF GAMES are settled by 2 x 5 minute overtime periods. Both periods will be played in duration. There will be no Gold Goal or Silver Goal play. If a tie still exists, penalty kicks will take place, rule #8 – 5 will apply.

10. A team that fails to field 7 players (5 for Under 10 and below) 5 minutes after the scheduled kick off, will forfeit. The score will be 4-0. Any team who forfeits a game will not advance from their bracket. Any use of illegal players will result in a forfeiture of all games. 9. PASS CARDS AND GAME ROSTERS: FIFA or accepted regional pass cards and stamped team roster must be presented to the Registrar when the team registers for the tournament. 

11. GUEST PLAYERS: 5 additional players (with required approval) may be added to a team’s roster when the team checks in for the tournament, but in no case shall the number of players on the team roster exceed 18 players (11v11), 15 players (9v9) or 12 players (7v7). 

12. PROTESTS: If the rules of competition appear to be violated, the matter may be brought to the attention of the Protest Committee in writing (accompanied by $100 cash bond) no later than one hour after the discovery or occurrence. The referee’s judgments may not be consisted. Such writing must cite the FIFA law and/or Rules of Competition that has/have been violated. All matters pertaining to the tournament, including the interpretation of these rules, shall be decided by the Protest Committee. If a protest is upheld, the $100 bond will be returned. If the protest is rejected, the $100 bond is forfeited.


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